ISO 21500
Implementation, Audit, Training

ISO 21500 Scope

Experience the guidance of our experts at the Institute of Singapore Project Management as they lead you through your organization's ISO 21500 process. 

ISO 21500 covers the following standards:

ISO 21500 Implementation, Audit, Training

Embark on a collaborative journey with us as we guide and support you through each step towards achieving excellence.

1st Step: Familiarization and Knowing the Requirements

Start on your transformative ISO 21500 journey armed with a thorough understanding of the standard's intricacies. Ensure everyone gains a firm grasp on its requirements, documented procedures, and necessary documents and records for the organization. Immerse yourself in its intricacies through tailored training led by our seasoned experts, meticulously analyzing its guidance and specifications. By fully embracing the principles, concepts, and best practices for effective project management, you will be well-equipped to unlock new heights of excellence on your ISO 21500 path.

2nd Step: Management Support

In undertaking this transformative journey, securing buy-in and support from top management is pivotal. Ensuring the organization's leadership is fully committed to implementing ISO 21500 and recognizing its potential benefits for projects is essential.

To facilitate a seamless transition, consider forming a dedicated team with well-defined roles and responsibilities. This team will be entrusted to develop, document, and implement the necessary processes and management system fundamentals in alignment with the applicable standards.

By identifying key business functions and vital employees impacted by these standards, the team can effectively strategize and tailor their approach, leading the organization towards a successful adoption of ISO 21500.

3rd Step: Gap Analysis

Begin a comprehensive gap analysis to assess your organization's project management practices in alignment with ISO 21500 requirements. This analysis will shed light on areas that require improvement or adaptation, allowing you to chart a clear path towards excellence.

Based on the gap analysis results, determine the necessary resources, be it manpower, equipment, or finances, to bolster your project management capabilities effectively.

To ensure a seamless transition, provide tailored training to essential employees who will be impacted, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to embrace ISO 21500 principles and foster success in your projects.

4th Step: Continuous Improvement

Foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization by engaging in regular reviews, audits, and assessments. Embrace the insights gained from these evaluations to identify areas for enhancement and implement necessary corrective actions. Through this proactive approach, you can drive excellence and ensure that your project management practices evolve and thrive in alignment with ISO 21500 standards.

Why Choose Us:

It's important to note that the implementation process may vary depending on the organization's size, complexity, and existing project management practices. Customizing the approach to fit the organization's specific needs is crucial for successful ISO 21500 implementation. Additionally, seeking assistance from project management experts or consultants can be valuable in ensuring a smooth and effective implementation process. Reach out to us to know more.

ISO 21500 Training

Who should Attend:

The ISO 21500 Training program is designed for professionals and project managers seeking to enhance their understanding of project management standards. It caters to individuals across various industries who aim to implement effective project management practices based on ISO 21500 guidelines.

What will the Participants learn:

Participants will engage in interactive sessions, case studies, and real-world scenarios to practice applying ISO 21500 in project management contexts. The training will be facilitated by experts with extensive knowledge and experience in project management.

What will the Participants achieve at the end of the training:

During the training, participants will demonstrate the ability to apply ISO 21500 principles to manage projects more efficiently and effectively. They will showcase improved project planning, execution, monitoring, and control skills aligned with ISO 21500 standards.

By the end of the ISO 21500 Training, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the standard and its application in project management. They will be capable of successfully implementing ISO 21500 principles, fostering a culture of excellence in project execution, and driving project success with compliance to ISO 21500 guidelines.

Course Duration:

5 Day (9.00am to 5.00pm)

Class size: 

10 person maximum

Course material:

Course Outline:

Learning Outcomes

The 5-day ISO 21500 Training equips participants with the essential knowledge and skills to implement ISO 21500 principles in their project management endeavors. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and case studies, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of ISO 21500 and its application in project initiation, planning, execution, and closure. Armed with this expertise, they will be better equipped to drive project success and continuous improvement within their organizations.


A Certificate of Competency in ISO 21500 will be issued to participants who successfully complete the course.