CMFAS M9A : Life Insurance And Investment-Linked Policies II


This examination is for new and existing representative of financial advisers who need to comply with MAS requirement to possess the requisite knowledge to advise or sell Investment-Linked Life Insurance Policies (ILPs).


This course provides Financial Representatives with the knowledge and understanding of the features, types, advantages and disadvantages of structured products, comparison with other investment options, governance structure, documentation and risks associated with the investment of structured products, particularly Structured ILPs, as well as to evaluate some examples of Structured ILPs on product features, inherent risks, and performance under various market conditions in determining product suitability for the clients. It also discusses the various types of derivatives in the market, both on-the-exchange and over-the-counter.


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to structured products
  • Chapter 2 - Risk considerations of Structured Products
  • Chapter 3 - Understanding Derivatives
  • Chapter 4 - Introduction to Structured ILPs
  • Chapter 5 - Portfolio of Investments With an Insurance Element 
  • Chapter 6 - Case Studies


1.5 days

All trainings start from 9.30am to 5pm.


All training materials in the form of binded books will be provided.

Course Outline

M9A - Course Outline

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