In compliance with the requirements laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, individuals intending to provide any advice on and / or arrange life insurance policies are required to pass this module, together with M5 on Rules and Regulations for Financial Advisory Services.


This course trains pre-contract candidates on the new Life Insurance & Investment-Linked Policies module in preparation of the examination with Singapore College of Insurance (SCI).

It provides participants with the knowledge and understanding of the basic life insurance concepts including investment-linked products, annuities, various types of riders, sales process, underwriting process, after sales services as well as the impact of law and taxation on life insurance.

It lays also the concepts and principles relating to performing a proper needs analysis for recommendation of life insurance products. It equips candidates with necessary knowledge on CPF schemes and requirements.


  • Chapter 1 - Risk And Life Insurance
  • Chapter 2 - Setting Life Insurance Premium
  • Chapter 3 - Classification Of Life Insurance Products
  • Chapter 4 - Traditional Life Insurance Products
  • Chapter 5 - Riders (Or Supplementary Benefits)
  • Chapter 6 - Participating Life Insurance Policies
  • Chapter 7 - Investment-linked Life Insurance Policies (ILPS): Types, Features, Benefits And Risks
  • Chapter 8 - Investment-linked Sub-Funds
  • Chapter 9 - Investment-linked Life Insurance Products: Computational Aspects
  • Chapter 10 - Annuities
  • Chapter 11 - Application And Underwriting
  • Chapter 12 - Policy Services
  • Chapter 13 - Life Insurance Claims
  • Chapter 14 - The Insurance Contract
  • Chapter 15 - Law Of Agency
  • Chapter 16 - Income Tax And Life Insurance
  • Chapter 17 - Insurance Nomination, Wills And Trusts


2 days

All trainings start from 9.30am to 5pm.


All training materials in the form of binded books will be provided.

Course Outline

M9 - Course Outline

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