In compliance with the requirements laid down by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, individuals intending to provide any financial advisory services are required to pass this module, together with the relevant product knowledge and analysis modules. 


This course provides Financial Representatives with the knowledge and understanding of the regulatory framework including the Financial Life Planners Act (FAA), the Financial Life Planners Regulations (FAR), the Notices and Guidelines governing all financial advisory in respect of investment products, and the distribution or marketing of specific functionally similar investment products, namely, life insurance policies and collective investment schemes, including unit trusts.

It also teaches Representatives on the new Rules & Regulations for Financial Advisory Services as a regulatory requirement and lays also the concepts and principles relating to performing a proper needs analysis for recommendation of investment products. It will equip candidates with necessary knowledge on CPF (Central Provident Fund) schemes and requirements and requirements on prevention of money laundering.


  • Chapter 1 - The Regulatory Bodies and Associations
  • Chapter 2 - Financial Advisers Act And Financial Advisers Regulations – Financial Advisers And Representatives
  • Chapter 3 - Financial Advisers Act And Financial Advisers Regulations - Conduct of Business, Powers Of Authority And Offences
  • Chapter 4 - MAS Notices – Part I 
  • Chapter 5 - MAS Notices – Part II 
  • Chapter 6 - MAS Notice No: FAA-N06 – Prevention Of Money Laundering And Countering The Financing Of Terrorism – Financial Advisers
  • Chapter 7 - MAS Notice Nos: MAS 302 And MAS 307
  • Chapter 8 - MAS Guidelines – Part I And Circular No: CMI 01/2011
  • Chapter 9 - MAS Guidelines – Part II 
  • Chapter 10 - Revised Code On Collective Investment Schemes
  • Chapter 11 - Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  • Chapter 12 - Needs Analysis


1.5 days

All trainings start from 9.30am to 5pm.


All training materials in the form of binded books will be provided.

Course Outline

M5 - Course Outline

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