Essentials of Customer Service Officer


This course will help you effectively understand the importance of the role of a CSO, creating positive service experiences through the phone and stress relievers in order to conduct your job well. This introductory course looks at basic factors that make service outstanding and those that sends customers to a competitor.

Course Outline

A) Understanding the role of Customer Service Officer
  • Why are CSOs an important/ critical role in any organization
  • Roles of CSOs

B) Mistakes that annoy customers
  • 7 common mistakes 
  • 10 deadly sins of customer service

C) What customers look for
  • Basic phone etiquette tips
  • Listening skills
  • 5 keys to knock your socks off service

D) Stress Management 
  • 10 stress management tips
  • 5 take-away

E) Assessment

Training Methodology
  • Theory lectures
  • Group activities

Target Audience
  • Entry level for individuals interested to take on the role of CSO
  • Refresher for experienced CSOs