Continuous Excellence in Insurance Sales


The purpose of this course is to help insurance sales practitioners to understand the basics of selling insurance. 

From making an appointment to closing the sales, it is essential for insurance sales practitioners to be prepared and confident.  

Course Outline

A) Reasons why people buy insurance
  • It is important to identify the different reasons why people buy insurance
  • This is easier to make an appointment and the buy-in factor is stronger
  • The sales person can also pitch their sales presentation accordingly

B) Power phrases
  • What are Power phrases
  • Why use Power phrases
  • 70 Power phrases

C) Creating a good first impression

D) Building rapport during sales appointment

E) Sales ideas and concepts
  • Protection, Savings & Investments, Education and Retirement planning

F) Objections handling and closing the sale
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Dealing with objections
  • Identifying closing signals

G) Assessment

Training Methodology
  • Theory lectures
  • Group activities

Target Audience

Insurance sales practitioners