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Submitting a SkillsFuture Claim for courses

1) Go to

2) To login to the site, click the “LOGIN VIA SINGPASS” button.

Login to SkillsFuture

3) Enter your SingPass ID and Password in the fields provided and click the “Login” button.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the SingPass Helpdesk at +65 6643 0555 or refer to the SingPass website at

Login via Singpass

4) Click on the "SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT" button to proceed to your SkillsFuture Credit.

My SkillsFuture Credit

5) After successfully logging in, your SkillsFuture Credit Account Summary page is displayed.

On your SkillsFuture Credit Account Summary page, click the “Submit a Claim” button.

Submit a Cliam

6) If this is your first time submitting a claim, you will need to ensure that your Contact, Education and Employment information are provided and up-to-date.

Click the “Proceed” button to go to the “Profile” section and provide or update this information.

Ensure your profile is updated

7) Your Profile page is displayed. Contact, Education and Employment information are required before you can proceed to Submit a Claim.

If this is not your first time submitting a claim, you may want to ensure that your details are updated before submission.
Upon completion of information, click the “Save My Profile” button to return to the SkillsFuture Credit section.

Your Profile

8) The “Submit a Claim” page is displayed.

Submit a Claim

9) Step 1: Select your Course

Click on “Select a Course” to enter course details.

Select Your Course

10) Enter Course Details and click “Search” .

Course Start Date – refers to the actual date that course will begin.
Course Title – refers to the name of the course.
Training Provider – refers to the name of the training organisation.

Search for Course

11) A list of search results is displayed.

Select a course then click “Done” to proceed.

List of Search Results

12) You will be able to view details of the course selected.

Course Selection

13) Step 2: Enter your Payment Details

Enter your payment details for Claim Application:
Fees Payable by you (including GST) – the total course fees that you have to pay, excluding subsidies or grants.
Amount of Credit to Claim – the amount of SkillsFuture Credit to be claimed.
For “Pay To”, the claim amount will be disbursed directly to the Training Provider.
Supporting Documents – any supporting documents submitted.

Payment Details

14) To upload Supporting Documents, click “Choose File”, which opens your computer file browser which you can use to select a file from your computer. 

Choose your file and click “Open”.
PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Image files (tif, jpg, png) are accepted. ZIP files are not accepted. The maximum number of attachments is 10. Each file must be below 5MB in size.

Uploading Supporting Documents

Select Documents

When your Supporting Document has been uploaded, the file name will appear below the Upload field. You can delete the file by clicking the “x” icon.

Documents Uploaded

15) Declaration.

Please read the SkillsFuture Credit Terms and Conditions by clicking the SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT TERMS AND CONDITIONS link.
Accept the SkillsFuture Credit Terms and Conditions by clicking the checkbox.
Then, click “Submit” to submit your claim.
An email/SMS notification will be sent to you 3 days before the Course Start Date.
This is to remind you that a claim has been submitted against this course. If there is a change in course registration, please cancel the claim and submit a new claim (if required).


16) A Disclaimer dialog box is displayed. Please ensure you have read the notice and declaration. Click the “Agree” button to proceed.


17) The confirmation page is displayed, with the following details:

Claim ID – the claim reference number. Quote this number if you need to contact SSG regarding this claim.
Claim Amount – the amount of credit that you are claiming in this application.
Date Submitted – the date of claim submission.

Most claims will be approved within a day.
If a claim is rejected, an email/ SMS notification will be sent to you.

Claim Submission

18) On the SkillsFuture Credit Account Summary page, you will now be able to see that your “Available Credit” and “Open Claims” have been updated. 

The course that you have submitted a claim for also appears in the Claim Applications list.

Available SkillsFuture Credit